Desert Homestead Lodge

After the take-over at the beginning of 2014, the lodge will be completely renovated and designed to offer even more comfort.
Switching to solar energy was an important part of the restructuring: All power and hot water is now generated by solar technology.

A diesel generator will be reduced to serving as back-up in the rare case of overclouding lasting for more than 3 days.
We have installed wastewater recovery that permits for seeping in the riverbed and feeding of a watering hole for game.
New windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchen, reception, restaurant, rest rooms, shaded outdoor seating, shaded lounge areas, stairs, outdoor and indoor lighting, new furniture, additional shaded carports, upgraded and enlarged employee housing are some of the other modifications planned for 2014. We have already built a family apartment that offers 2 separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

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